Edinburgh Predators

The University of Edinburgh American Football Team


As recently as 3 years ago, students at the University of Edinburgh played their football alongside students of Edinburgh's Napier University under the name of The Napier Mavericks. This changed in the 2008/09 season as BUAFL instigated new 'single institution' rules, requiring each university to have a separate team. It was from here that the Edinburgh Predators were formed.


In Summer 2009 the Predators completed their Associate Game which allowed them to become full members of BUAFL. This game was played against the University of Western Scotland (UWS) Pyros and was won 12-8 by the Predators. This winning start marked the beginning of an illustrious, though brief, history.


In the first complete season (2009-10), the Predators went 5-3 (5 wins and 3 defeats) to become the first university team from the city of Edinburgh to make the play-offs in BUAFL history. Despite a strong performance against an experienced Newcastle Raiders side, the Predators were defeated in the first round.  The Raiders would go on to make the National Championship Game.


In the second season (2010-11), the Predators once again achieved a 5-3 season, rising from 0-3 to win five straight games as the season drew to a close. Despite this superb finish, the Predators were denied a play-off spot, with other results going against them on the final day.


The next season will begin in November 2011 and will continue into March 2012.  


Name: Edinburgh Predators

Year Founded: 2009 

Team Colours: Navy, Green, White

Home Field: Peffermill Playing Fields 

Regular Season Games: 16

Post-season games: 1

Regular Season Record: 10-6

Post Season Record: 0-1